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Interesting collection of three German porcelain stein lids for your consideration. Each lid measures approx. 2 5/8 inches in diameter. The lids date from the mid to 3rd quarter of the 19th Century. One lid is hand painted and the other two appear to be transfer, yet hand colored. Also, there are two with German writings. These lids were all purchased from the same estate. The lids descriptions are as follows:

1. Horse and wagon, group of five workers harvesting in the field. At bottom reads, “Gott gue unpern Fleik” which translates to “God Bless You”.

2. Strange scene of man whipping a woman over his knee with a switch. The woman is reaching for a sickle with her right hand to get revenge. This lid is also titled in German, but the only word that is legible is “Lection” which translates to “Lesson”.

3. Two hunters in mountain wilderness. One hunter is mounted on horseback while the other is harvesting a couple deer. There is also a pair of hounds in the scene. Entirely hand painted.

The condition of the pot lids are excellent. Shows minor wear commensurate with age and use. See photos.

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