About Us

Paths Before You

Hello, my name is Grant. I married a trophy wife who is somehow even more beautiful on the inside. We have three wonderful daughters. Our oldest is getting ready to master the 8th grade with straight As. She has plans of becoming a doctor to help others in need. Our two younger daughters are twins; both enjoying and almost finished with the second grade. They are young Picassos, animal lovers, great huggers and candy connoisseurs.

Our family enjoys frequenting Antique Stores, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Church Bazaars, Auctions, Yard Sales, Garage Sales, and Estate Sales. We enjoy finding treasure for ourselves and others!

When time runs dry for seeking out old gems, we are busy operating our local butcher shop (Horrmann Meats) in Springfied, Missouri. Our family has been in the meat industry for over 18 years. Our store has a wide variety of top quality meats sourced from local farmers and suppliers; including Wagyu, USDA Organic, Grass Fed Beef, Prime & Choice Grade, Pork, Poultry, Lamb, and Bison. We offer a treasure trove of secret family recipes, from over 30 different kinds of bratwurst and sausages, meatloaf, summer sausage and more! If your in the area, we’d love to meat you!

We are a Christian family that has been blessed beyond what we deserve. Our family goal is: “Humble before God, Patient with Man, Work by Faith”. Our family mission statement is: “Corporate Good over Individual Gain”.

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